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Bowen Island Septic Services is an owner-operated company. Scott Stevenson is a fully accredited expert in the installation and repairs of on-site wastewater systems (commonly known as septic systems) throughout British Columbia. We also offer landscaping and excavation services to further enhance your property. 

Bowen Island Septic Services
Bowen Island Septic Services

We are the experts in on-site wastewater system installation and will complete your project in a timely, professional manner.  

We will recommend the best, most cost-effective solution that will work for your project and budget.

We are fully equipped to provide added beauty to your existing project or help with any additional projects you may have.


“Bowen Island Septic Services completed the septic installation on our new satellite fire hall on-time and on-budget.”


Brian Biddlecombe, Former Fire Chief, Bowen Island Volunteer Fire Department

“We were so pleased with the work that Scott and Bowen Island Septic did. Our property has an extremely challenging layout and we weren’t sure if we could find someone with the experience and ability to do the work. The results were over and above what we expected – we couldn’t be happier!”  


Don Beenham, Lions Bay

“We needed someone quick and efficient to keep us on schedule. Scott went above and beyond to finish earlier than planned and his work was flawless.”


Matt Borck, Langley

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