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We are an owner-operated company. Scott Stevenson is a fully accredited expert in the installation and repairs of on-site wastewater systems (commonly known as septic systems) throughout British Columbia. We also offer landscaping and excavation services to further enhance your property. 





Bowen Island Septic Services will work with the planner and ensure that the necessary paperwork is filed with the (Health Authority). Once the permissions to proceed are received, the installation process will begin. We are the experts in on-site wastewater system installation and will complete your project in a timely, professional manner.


Once completed, the installation is documented and commissioned. The commissioning of your system involves turning on pumps and programming the control panel to ensure the system is operating as planned. Once commissioning is completed, a “Letter of Certification” is filed with the Health Authority and Bowen Island Septic Services will provide the client with a custom operating plan for the new septic system with tips on how to get the full life out of the system.


Often, it is not required that a full system replacement be performed – the best solution may entail a simple repair to one of the components or a straightforward upgrade. Bowen Island Septic Services has the experience to evaluate your current system, consider the situation and propose the best, most cost-effective solution. 


Bowen Island Septic Services offers a wide variety of complementary landscaping services from stump removal to rock walls and driveway repairs. We are fully equipped with our own excavator,skid steer and mini dump truck to take on any additional projects you have in mind.

There are many aspects to on-site wastewater systems that require other contractors, including engineers for planning and electricians for connecting to power. We work with the best in their field and are happy to coordinate directly with them to ensure a seamless installation or repair. We also have experience working with a variety of contractors and are happy to work with others. 

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